Google Chrome To Get Add-ons

Anyone who has been following the progress of Google’s Chrome browser, would have known that it was just a matter of time before Google introduced or announced plans to support 3rd–party plug-ins for its latest product.

Well, this announcement has finally come in a somewhat quiet manner. A developer by the name of Aaron Boodman working on the Chrome project over at Google, indicated on his blog that he along with a full team had been looking into how "extensions" could be integrated into Chrome. They have published a design paper, which is fairly extensive on the kind of packaging, software support and feature support that they were looking forward to in terms of 3rd-party extension. This new move, happens to fall under the ‘Chromium project’, which is aimed at developing the Chrome browser under the open source license in a manner similar to the Firefox project.

Google seeks to develop extensions like Adblock, Flashblock and Stumbleupon that are familiar to long-term Firefox users, for the new browser.

We hope that with this announcement for Chrome is able to finally gather some steam. Only recently Google had indicated that it would be looking to partner with OEMs to promote Google on new desktops.

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