Samsung, SRS Labs in Mobile Media Optimization Deal

SRS Labs and Samsung have entered into a multi-year, multi-technology licensing agreement where Samsung will use SRS audio and voice technologies, including SRS Circle Surround Headphone, SRS WOW HD and SRS VIP+, in mobiles phones worldwide.

To address the growing mobile video market, Samsung phones will provide consumers with 5.1 surround sound over headphones enabling users to take full advantage of the increasing amounts of "on-the-go" multichannel video content. For music-only applications, Samsung phones will provide customers with an immersive audio experience featuring deep, rich bass and high frequency definition.

"SRS has been a fantastic technology provider and partner for many years. It is natural that we decided to work more closely with SRS to provide our consumers with superior and demonstrable audio features," says Wonsik Lee, vice president of Samsung's Mobile Communication Division. "With the integration of SRS audio solutions, we are very confident that our customers will continue enjoying the premium audio experience that they have come to expect and demand from their mobile phones.

Samsung has also licensed SRS voice solutions that help the handset users better discern what the caller is saying, particularly in noisy environments. Users will also benefit from noise reduction, improving both near end and far end communication, improved tonal quality and dynamic capabilities that adjust, in real-time, the amount of voice intelligibility processing and overall volume gain as needed.

"We are very excited to further expand our partnership with Samsung. Communication is still the primary reason consumers purchase mobile phones, but it is not the only consideration. Today's users are more demanding with higher quality expectation. As such, an optimal audio experience has become just as important as a crisp, clear phone conversation to the purchase decision," said Allen H. Gharapetian, Vice President of Marketing for SRS Labs. "We identified the huge influence of mobile video and multimedia applications in the mobile phone market and have developed robust suites of audio and voice solutions to serve these needs. Together with Samsung, we will offer mobile consumers a tremendous, powerful combination of mobile entertainment and communication."

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