Acer clarifies battery capacity mismatch

I received an email today from Acer, regarding the stories floating around the net about a recent battery mishap. If you recall, what essentially happened is that many people reviewing the 10-inch Aspire One found themselves blessed with a 5800mAh battery, whereas the actual unit shipped with a smaller capacity 4400mAh battery by default. You could see where the confusion could come in, with reviewers seeing one spec for battery life and end users actually getting another. Acer did mention post-shipments that the units which received 5800mAh batteries were an exception, saying it was a mistake.

Now, the company has clarified that situation via email. According to them, the larger capacity batteries are merely a result of part availability. With all their shipments, they say, in the event of any hardware shortage, a component may be substituted for a more expensive piece. The email details that they do this in order to keep the same SKU and pricing, without having to worry about part availability. Acer also said that in the event any component is actually downgraded from what the spec is, a new SKU would be created.

In short, it doesn't seem like Acer was up to any wrongdoing, and indeed they do pitch the 10-inch Acer Aspire One as a device that has a 4400mAh battery. You can read the full email after the jump.

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