Hyperspeech Transfer Protocol

IBM India research center developed a new protocol called Hyper Speech Transfer Protocol which allows the user to speak with web and get response from web.

Defenition of HSTP:
Hyperspeech Transfer Protocol (HSTP) is a protocol, analogous to HTTP, that provides a mechanism to connect telephony voice applications with each other.
This new technology allows users to call directly to web and they can search, send mail or anything with web. The web will response via speech server all these are done via Hyper Speech Transfer Protcol (HSTP).

Now a days we use Internet to reserve tickets, make payments etc. When HSTP comes in use then there will be no need of Internet, just make a call and register tickets, transfer money easily.

HSTP converts voice(analog signals) into HTTP (digital signals). So that communication between two protocols made easy.

Image Credit : IBM Research

IBM scientists explain the concepts of Hyperspeech in 2007 paper describing about the technology (PDF) .

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