Jabra Launches Multiuse Bluetooth Headset

Jabra, a brand from GN Netcom has announced the launch of a new multiuse wireless Bluetooth headset - the Jabra M5390 in India. The M5390 is an office headset that can simultaneously connect to two communication devices such as a desk phone, a PC softphone or a mobile phone, giving users the flexibility and freedom to use one headset. With a range of up to 70 meters and enhanced audio quality, the M5390 is ideal for busy professionals who use several forms of communications but want to avoid the hassle of using multiple devices.

"Voice communication in the office environment is no longer restricted to a traditional desk phone as more and more professionals rely on an array of solutions to talk to clients, colleagues and partners, With a Multiuse headset, users no longer have to waste time constantly swapping between different devices" explained Ralph Ede, Managing Director, South Asia, GN.

The M5390 combines the sound and range performance of an office headset with the convenience of a mobile headset. It is designed with the office user in mind and the company guarantees clear and concise audio quality thanks to the inbuilt DSP noise canceling technology, wideband sound and the extended boom arm, which places the microphone closer to the user’s mouth. The company also claims that the M5390 can provide users with up to 6 hours of talk time and up to 60 hours of standby time. It weighs in at 18g with 118mm x 15mm dimensions.

The Jabra M5390 is now available in India through its authorized national distributor Innova Telecom. The box contains Jabra M5390 headset, Jabra M5390 base (interface to office phones/handset interface), Jabra A335w dongle (interface to soft phones), Travel charger, Power supply, Connection cord for desk phone-to-base, Headband and user manuals.

It’s available for Rs. 21, 671 plus taxes.

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