Voice Search Feature With Google Mobile App For BlackBerry

BlackBerry users are in for a real treat with the latest version of the Google Mobile App. This new version of the application features Voice Search and My Location. Voice Search is a self explanatory term of course. It essentially means that BlackBerry users will be able to look for data online without having to type anything into a designated field but by simply speaking into the handset while pressing the green ‘Call’ button.

My Location, similar to the existing feature prevalent on the Google Maps application will allow users to search for places and information based on their exact location. It’s more of an automated system that pretty much means that you can search for business, weather and movie information without specifying where you are, i.e. if you’re in Colaba, Mumbai, you can simply search for ‘Movie Theater’ and the application will automatically locate all theaters located around your current position.

Other features also include -

* Google Suggest. Get relevant search suggestions as you type, saving you keystrokes
* URL suggestions. Get to popular web sites quickly by tapping site web address suggestions
* Search history. Get instant access to your previous searches
* Contact search. Quickly find contacts in your address book
* Easy access to other Google products. Launch other Google products like Maps, Gmail and News from the Apps tab

As of now the Storm is not equipped to handle this feature, but all other devices running on OS 4.1 or later will support the new version, with the search by voice available on all versions subsequent to 4.2.

BlackBerry users can download the new version of the Google Mobile App from here or go to m.google.com on your handset’s browser.

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