Yahoo Integrates Fire Eagle With Facebook

Yahoo is integrating their location-based blogging platform Fire Eagle with Facebook and is calling it Friends on Fire.

Similar though not entirely like Google Latitude, Friends on Fire helps you take your location from Fire Eagle and share it with your friends. You can see all your friends on a map, you can share your own location on your wall and you can leave little hints, tips, messages or invitations all over the map.

Google Latitude is a feature in Google Maps for mobile and iGoogle that allows you to share your location with your friends and family. While not pinpointing your exact location, it gives you a good idea of where your friends are at a given time.

Also launched is Fire Eagle Updater for Firefox that adds one button to the toolbar and one to the status bar. And when you click on it, it uses Mozilla's Geode technology and your nearby Wifi signals to work out where you are and updates Fire Eagle.

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