Wi-Fi Gearing Up To Take On Bluetooth

Wireless data transfer between devices is a serious bonus especially when it comes to mobile handsets or other portable devices that use either Bluetooth and or Wi-Fi. However, Bluetooth has always been the definitive option of selection when it comes to this particular aspect of portable devices, but it looks like Wi-Fi could be its successor and pretty soon when it comes to device-to-device connectivity.

According to reports, the Wi-Fi Alliance, is planning something big come 2010. The next big thing we can expect form the community is wireless data transfer via Wi-Fi and not just Bluetooth. We’re not talking about using a hub or a router or even via the internet. The latest technology will be to seamlessly transfer data between two devices equipped with Wi-Fi receivers. It may not be able to serve all purposes like wireless audio perhaps, but we'll just have to wait and see what kind of environment this generates. It’s a work in progress but something that we can surely see hopping of the drawing board and heading to the production line. Stay tuned.

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