Google Announces Adsense For Mobile Apps

We want to contribute to the growth of these mobile applications, which is why we’re happy to announce our beta launch of AdSense for Mobile Applications. And so saying Adsense has sort of opened gates for a mini revolution of sorts in the mobile applications field. It’s a revolution for not many reasons and it is mini for a whole lot more, nevertheless it is an important step. The Adsense for Mobile Apps was rolled out into Beta (another one gone into never ending beta) last night. It is currently accepting applications for Beta testing from app developers though it hasn’t quite opened up for marketers. If you are an app developer you can head over to and apply for the Beta program. Wait. Not so fast. The Adsense for Mobile Apps unfortunately is only for high end phones, which means only app developers for Android and IPhone can make any use of it. Also, Google predominantly plans to accept applications for Apps which have a predominantly North American use. Though in exceptional cases they do accept apps from other countries. How ads are displayedThere also a couple of questions which sort of remain unanswered as of now. The first being if these apps can deliver ads only on Internet enabled apps? And if so where does that leave mobile apps that are downloaded and don’t quite need the web, how can Google display ads dynamically on them every time the app is refreshed or used? The flaws if any are alright The program all said and done is just launched in Beta. And it holds a lot of promise. The biggest being that apps can now be free, and there there is the advertising model app developers can pursue without worrying about a revenue model for some while. It also brings mainstream advertisers (the big ones are anyway advertising on Google) on to mobiles opening up avenues of mobile advertising like no other platform can. It is surely going to change the VAS play once Google opens up for other platforms. App developers can also cross sell and upsell ads using this channel if they can’t purely bank on advertising for money. It also helps them depend a lot less on Carriers and service providers and their sometimes unfair revenue shares. The fact that Adsense is keeping referrals open unlike the traditional Adsense tool for which they have discontinued refrerall income is also a good move. On the whole this is a very good news

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