Google India - Mobile App for Blackberry

The official Google India blog announced availability of Google Mobile App for BlackBerry in India with My Location and voice search. Google App for Blackberry extends local business suggestions, (My Location must be enabled) even before clicking the search button.
For instance if you are looking to have caffeine, just type “coffee” in Google Mobile App search box which gives you results for closest cafe near by you.

If you like to search for ICC World Twenty20 current cricket match score in Google Mobile App for BlackBerry just speak “Cricket Score” in your Blackberry, which gives scores for current cricket match.

Google Mobile App for BlackBerry also gives suggestions to find out exact spelling for what you are going to search. For instance if you speak “Meira Kumar” in your BlackBerry which gives you search results for Lok Sabha speaker. If you said “Meera bai” in your BlackBerry Google Mobile App gives you search results for alternative word, even “Meira” and “Meera” have same pronunciations.

Visit for installing Google Mobile App in your BlackBerry.

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