Google Making The Internet More Indian - Translating World Information To Indian Languages

Google has launched Google Translator Toolkit that enables users to convert content from other languages to their native language like Hindi etc . As per Google since most of the Indian users want to go through the offline content in regional languages, it will be great it they can access the online content also in their regional languages. Google Translate has been providing the service of translation for long but sometimes translation need human interaction which can be achieved with the help of Google Translator Toolkit. The toolkit will comprise of an inbuilt Editor, multilingual dictionary that will help people in creating high quality professional content in their native language. Google Translator toolkit comes to great use if you are searching for some document that is already been converted by somebody else. It will show them as suggestions and one can use the document already converted by another person thus saving time, manpower and processing power.
The image above shows the typical life-cycle of document conversion process. The translation system also have some intelligence and it learns from users correction and suggestions thus helping user next time when they encounter same text. How will it benefit people: Users which are incapable to understand languages like English,Chinese can easily translate the document into their regional languages like hindi etc. It will open a huge information base which is normally not accessible to user due to language constraints for eg there is huge information on Feng Shui which is not available to world as most of it is in Chinese , Using Google Translator and little bit of manual intervention , the information can be made available in various languages. It will also help people in document conversion buisness to easily convert from one language to another. Users can also use the documents already converted by other users thus saving time. What Google has in it for them: Google will be able to target much more regional audiences, thus preparing themselves for the next 50 million users in India. Google may be able to provide better search results to the users searching in regional languages thus increasing their loyal consumer base. Google will also be able to establish its monopoly in the regional content market. It seems that many players like Google and Rediff are banking heavily on the regional markets and want to encash every single opportunity available. Related Posts IIITians Working on Open Source Language Translation Tools Google, Facebook, and The Language Revolution Google Launches Hindi Translation Tool

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