Intel to Bridge Digital Divide in India with Project Blue

Intel announced yesterday at Computex Taipei, one of the world’s largest technology trade shows, it’s one of the most ambitious effort called Project Blue. In Project Blue Intel India is reportedly working on affordable internet devices (not MID’s) which will be the first computer for hundreds of millions of people across the developing countries including India. This device popularly called as Nettop is basically a mini-dekstop or small form factor computers designed for performing basic computation tasks such as document processing, paudio/video playback, accessing internet etc. The solution developed in Project Blue will also have an integrated WiMAX which will enable the user to access the internet easily. Intel is hoping to release these nettops in India through HCL Infosystems among other OEM’s in the second half of this year. HCL Infosystems’ chairman Ajai Choudhary, said: “We are pleased to work with Intel to bring these solutions to the Indian market. The WiMax–enabled nettops from HCL Infosystems, based on the Intel Atom processor will provide the next billion users in India with their first experience of computing and the Internet and we look forward to supporting all efforts in bridging the digital divide.” as quoted on pcsemicon. If Project blue is rightly implemented and Intel could come out with a really affordable Internet desktop, it could strike a goldpot with it’s Atom platform and will possibly alleviate the “Information Poverty” in all the developing countries.

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