Its 'Live Music' on Facebook

The scene: a shop selling musical instruments, Characters: An electric guitar called Riff; Vanessa, a classical violin; a drum kit called Sticks and keyboards, Keys, The storyline: Riff falls in love with Vanessa, the "violin of his dreams" in a rock version of Romeo and Juliet.

Interesting isn't it?.....its all from Facebook, the most popular social networking site

The five-minute animated film Live Music has been created by a team of 51 people from around the world who responded to an invitation through the Facebook.

It represents the most ambitious attempt yet to apply the interactive model of Wikipedia, otherwise known as "crowd-sourcing" to the animated film world.

More than 50,000 people from 101 countries signed up for the project to create the five-minute film called Live Music. They voted for their favourite drawings, whittling the pool of artists down to the successful 51 who each won $500 (£304).

Live Music was the brainchild of Yair Landau, who as a former head of Sony's digital pictures division steered into being such mainstream films as Surf's Up and Monster House.

He came up with the idea to see if he could apply the 'crowd-sourcing' model used by Wikipedia to animation and then invited people to join his Facebook page, called Mass Animation, to collaborate on the project.

Guardian quoted, Yair Landau, former head of Sony's digital pictures as saying, " A clearly less professional product than you would get from animators who have been in the industry for years. But it's a start and an indication of what can be done, "

He said the participants had enriched the story. For instance, an animator from the UK added her own touch of having two cymbals kiss each other in mockery of the guitar and violin's love.

Live Music would be released in November to run in cinemas as a short film before Sony's animated feature film Planet 51.

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