Mozilla intros Open Web Tools Directory

BANGALORE, INDIA: Mozilla on Wednesday announced that it has launched an Open Web Tools Directory, a new directory full of web apps and tools for developers.

Through this launch the company aims to provide developers with central indexing for the broader range of tools available.

A blog posted by Ben Galbraith, at the Mozilla labs website said, " We've come to the opinion that in addition to creating new tools, one of the best things we could do is help developers understand the broad universe of tools that already exist and expose some of the fantastic and amazing work that's being done."

Currently they have only a small number of tools listed, but the company has created a data entry form for developers to submit their applications.

However it agrees that the entries won't go live immediately, but they would review them on a regular basis and get them added.

The company here notes that the directory would only work on modern browsers like Safari, Chrome, Opera, and Firefox and would support both for browsers without canvas support and for screen reader support.
The blog further said that in the coming days the directory would add more features like ranking, commenting on the tools, better searching tools, etc.

"We're looking forward to evolving the directory and working with the web community to make it a vibrant resource for discovering and tracking the web's amazing tools universe," it added.

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