Nimbuzz launches Android application

Nimbuzz has announced the launch of an Android application for it’s mobile social messaging service. The free app for Android comes after the updated iPhone 3.0 release in mid-July.

What does Nimbuzz do?

It’s a mobile messaging hub, combining a lot of different services in one application. Nimbuzz mainly focuses on Instant Messaging, geo-presence, and VoIP . Through the Nimbuzz “buddy list”, you can see if your friends are available to talk, what service they are available over, and where they are. It acts as a hub for quite a few existing services, including Skype, Google Talk, AIM, Facebook and MySpace.


Whats unique about Android app?

Unique to the Android app is a “local social network” feature. What it means is that Nimbuzz users in non-English speaking countries will have access to their most popular national networks. The examples given were Hyves in the Netherlands, StudiVZ from Germany, Gadu-Gadu from Poland, and Giovani from Italy. The Nimbuzz blog also claims that Skype IM is a unique feature to the Android version, with other versions only using the VoIP part of Skype .

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