Vertu Announces Ascent Neon, Funky and Expensive

In July we heard that Vertu had announced a Carbon Fiber handset as part of their Ascent Ti range and now latest reports are talking about yet another handset, a little funkier than any of the previous models, the Vertu Ascent Ti Neon. The name should say it all.

The difference between this and the previous Ascent Ti models is that the Neon comes with a rubber top in the rear in place of the original leather backing. According to the color the in-screen menu is designed to be a matching set.

According to reports, the Neon is also slimmer than the previous models but comes with the same specs that would include –

3G, EDGE/GPRS capabilities
4GB of internal memory
a 3 megapixel camera
And of course access to Vertu Fortress for ultra secure data syncing and backup
Scheduled to hit shelves sometime in October of this year, the Neon will be available in four colors: green, orange, white and pink. It’s priced at approximately Rs. 4,83,218. WOW!!!

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