windows 7 Boots in 11 seconds

Microsoft and Intel have been going on the charm offensive this week, talking up Windows 7. According to the BBC, both firms said they collaborated more closely then ever to deliver a product they are proud of. At the same joint press event, wintel put on demonstrations of Windows 7’s improved battery life and quicker boot times.
The improvements in Windows 7 battery life are well documented, but not the improvements in Windows 7 boot times. At the event, wintel showed a windows 7 system that booted up in 11 seconds. The system in use was pretty impressive (quad-core i7 CPU + SSD drive), but I’m still a bit amazed by an 11 second boot time. The amazing Windows 7 boot time was achieved by the boot process running across all four cores and all eight threads of the i7 processor:
“It’s an Intel reference design,” Microsoft’s Panabaker said. “But with high-performance hardware, this shows what system manufacturers can do.”
I was pretty impressed with my non-SSD Windows 7 system that boots up in under a minute, but I now might have to dip into the bank account and buy a SSD drive! I’m holding off doing an upgrade just yet, as I think I’m going to build a whole new Windows 7 power rig next year and give my current machine to my wife.

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