Acer intros smartphone line, misses Windows Mobile 6.5

Acer has officially announced its foray into the mobile phone market, and though its bread and butter will of course continue to be its computer business, the company actually expects to get 10 percent of its revenue within three years from the growing smartphone sector. Four devices were introduced today at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona as part of the new Tempo line, all of which feature touch sensitive displays and run the soon to be outdated Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system from Microsoft.

The Acer M900 stands out from the rest featuring a full QWERTY slide out keyboard along with a 3.8-inch WVGA touch screen and 5MP camera with flash. Meanwhile, the Acer F900 has a similar spec sheet to the latter but drops the physical keyboard and downgrades the camera to 3.2MP. Two additional models, the DX900 and X960, will get you less screen real state to work with but still boast a range of features such as HSDPA and Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth 2.0 and a GPS module for satellite navigation and other location-based services.

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