NEC Introduces 12MP Camera Phone Components

NEC Electronics has just introduced a new SoC product that enables camera-equipped mobile phones to provide clear and high-quality images comparable to digital still cameras (DSCs). The new product offers mobile phones to output Full-HD (1080p) video stream and still image data up to 12 Megapixels retrieved by the CMOS sensor. In addition, CE143 also incorporates proven, state-of-the-art image stabilizing and optical compensation technologies that can be found in the high-end DSCs to help produce crystal-clear, well-balanced digital photos.

The main features include -
Industry-leading level of 12 megapixels still image and Full HD video functions
Utilizing know-how and experience accumulated through development for DSCs, CE143 integrates improved light signal convertor, image stabilizer, and optical compensation circuit. With the capability of processing 12-Megapixel image and supporting Full HD video, CE143 enables mobile phone developers to design products that can reproduce photos and videos with unmatched quality. The new product also integrates face detection circuits that can determine human faces at 1/25 of the time compared to the previous product.

Integration of single-frame super-resolution technology
CE143 implements NEC Electronics' proprietary single-frame super-resolution core that reduces the graininess during the magnification process of digital zooming. This will enable a mobile phone camera to take clearer close-up pictures and videos without optical zoom components attached.

Further improved noise-reduction function
In order to meet customers' demands for higher image quality, CE143 offers improved noise-reduction functions, which should further reduce the image noise resulting from other components of the camera in the mobile phone. This noise-reduction feature should also minimize distortion caused by lenses and sensors while taking still images and video images.

With features like these, we cant wait to test the first batch of mobile handsets equipped with this technology.

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