Sonpre S021 Capsule Speaker

Mini portable speakers might be a laughing matter for audio purists; yes we know bass frequencies are not possible according to the laws of physics, from such a tiny radiating surface, but these little speakers are so very cute. We reviewed the X mini recently, and now we have another similar capsule speaker by a Chinese brand called Sonpre. The model is S021, and it is a USB chargeable little portable speaker.


The S021 unit comes wrapped in a sporty looking plastic transparent package, something that can attract in a Planet M or someplace like that. The package contains the capsule, a USB contraption that acts as an interconnecting wire, EP wire and a nice felt material carry pouch. The finish is black matte and lusterless, with futuristic looking contours on the surface. The 2 ends of the capsule have drivers beneath their grilles.

The elliptically shaped capsule is a really cool design, which separates into 2 halves right at the middle. These 2 halves are the left and right stereo speakers, though they can work when joined together also. The joint is magnetic, and seamless. The icons and fonts for the labels are silver, and provide a nice contrast in the aesthetic scheme.

Each half of the capsule can be screwed open to expose an accordion like resonator chamber, which remains springed in when the unit is shut and off. Once open, the inputs and LED come into vision, the latter being a brilliant blue LED which turns red to warn of low battery. Speaking of battery, the unit’s Li battery recharges via USB, the wire for which is included.

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