Samsung Android Handset to be Called Spica

Samsung’s next Android handset is going to be the I5700 Spica. It looks quite like the Galaxy in terms of design. According to the reports the handset will be equipped with -

a capacitive touchscreen
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB
GPS with A-GPS support
3 megapixel camera
microSD card support

The same reports are also talking about the processor being the same as the one the company had installed in the Omnia II i.e. 800 MHz. the previous model, the Galaxy was equipped with a 528MHz processor, although we haven’t seen how fast that handset is, we should be able to expect more from the Spica.

The handset is expected to be priced at approximately Rs. 23, 900 (350 Euro) and should be out in November with no definite date provided just yet. Samsung has not yet made an official statement.

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